Did you know that Plus Codes were developed by Google’s Zurich office as a way to provide accurate addresses for billions of people without an official address? At KingAsterisk Technology, we’re committed to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance user experiences. One such innovation is the use of Plus Codes in Google Maps, revolutionizing the way we navigate and pinpoint locations globally. We are always on the lookout for innovative ways to enhance your company’s digital presence. But what exactly are Plus Codes, and how can they benefit you? In this blog, we will explore what Plus Codes are, how they can benefit your business, and why you should consider integrating them into your location-based strategies.

What Are Plus Codes?

Plus Codes, also known as Open Location Codes, are a digital addressing system developed by Google Business. These are a system developed by Google that provides a simple and consistent addressing system for any location on Earth. Plus Codes in Google Maps are more than just a series of numbers and letters. They are based on latitude and longitude coordinates and can be used to uniquely identify any place. From remote areas to city streets, without the need for traditional street addresses. They represent a significant step forward in making navigation and location-sharing accessible to everyone, everywhere. They provide a simple and consistent addressing system that can be used to uniquely identify any location. This system helps to pinpoint exact locations on the map. Even where traditional street addresses don’t exist.

Finding a Plus Code is simple

  1. Open Google Maps.
  2. Tap on a location to drop a pin.
  3. The Plus Code for that location will appear at the bottom of the screen.

How Do Plus Codes Work?

Think of Plus Codes as a digital address that looks something like this: 7FGM+X4 Paris, France. This alphanumeric code is generated based on latitude and longitude and is used in Google Maps to locate a specific point accurately. Whether you’re looking for a rural farm or a new restaurant downtown, Plus Codes make it easy to find and share precise locations. Plus Codes integrate seamlessly with GPS coordinates, making them a versatile tool for modern navigation systems. 

Benefits of Using Plus Codes In Google Maps 

Global Coverage 

These are a versatile solution for businesses operating in multiple regions or countries. Plus Codes cover the entire globe, including areas that lack traditional addresses. This is particularly useful in rural or developing regions. They provide a standardized format that is recognizable worldwide.

Enhanced Digital Addressing System

Plus Codes offer a more precise and accessible way to describe locations, making it easier for customers to find your business or specific points of interest. They function like street addresses, allowing you to pinpoint any location on Earth using a short, easy-to-share code. This is especially useful in areas where traditional addresses are unavailable or unreliable. For example, a Plus Code might look like “7FGH+2C” and can be entered into Google Maps to find a precise location. 

Logistics and Delivery

ince implementing the On-demand Rides and Deliveries solution, our drivers reach pickup points up to 20% faster, and customer order completion rates have increased by 3%.

Businesses can use Plus Codes to optimize delivery routes and accurately locate delivery addresses, reducing delivery times and costs. Essentially, they are an advanced form of geocoding that transforms geographical location data into a simple code. These codes are easy to share and use, even without a traditional street address. Plus Codes work by dividing the world into tiny grids and assigning a unique code to each grid. 

Easy Sharing 

Plus Codes can be easily shared with others, making meeting points or pinpointing locations straightforward, whether for personal or business purposes. Instead of relying on lengthy and sometimes confusing GPS coordinates, Plus Codes offer a short, easy-to-remember digital address. This eliminates confusion and ensures timely deliveries and appointments. 

Geocoding Made Simple

With Plus Codes, you can easily convert geographical coordinates into a short, easy-to-share code. Each tile is assigned a unique code that represents a precise geographical location. This system can be used anywhere in the world, making it a powerful tool for navigation and geocoding. This simplifies the process of communicating locations, especially in areas with complex or no traditional addressing.

Offline Access

Google Maps allows users to download maps and use Plus Codes offline, ensuring access to location information even without an internet connection. They function as a simplified version of GPS coordinates, providing a unique identifier for every geographical location system in the world. This means they can be used in areas without formal addressing systems. Imagine trying to find a remote cabin in the woods or an emergency location where typical addresses fail. With Plus Codes, you can pinpoint any location with precision. If you download a map area in advance, you can use Plus Codes without an internet connection.

Emergency Location Identification

During emergencies, Plus Codes can play a crucial role in quickly identifying and communicating precise locations to emergency services, aiding in faster response times. They provide a reliable way to share locations quickly, assisting emergency services in finding people in need.

How Plus Codes Can Benefit Your Company?

Enhanced Local SEO

Integrating Plus Codes into your website can improve your local SEO efforts by providing search engines with precise location data, helping potential customers find your business more easily.

Improved Customer Navigation

By including Plus Codes on your website or app, you can simplify customer navigation to your business locations, enhancing user experience and reducing frustration.


Anyone with a smartphone and access to Google Maps can use Plus Codes, making navigation accessible to a wider audience. This is especially useful in rural or underdeveloped areas where address systems are not well-established. As more people and businesses adopt Plus Codes, we can expect to see a more interconnected world.

Cost-Effective Addressing

Traditional addresses can sometimes be confusing or non-existent. In regions where traditional addressing systems are incomplete or non-existent, Plus Codes offer a cost-effective alternative that can be implemented quickly.

Logistics Industries Which Can Benefit With Plus Codes In Google Maps  

Courier Services  

Now, when someone is saving a ‘Home’ location on Google Maps, they will see a prompt asking them to “Use current location”. This will use their phone’s location to generate a Plus Code, which they can then use as their Home address. It is easier to remember a plus code than latitude and longitude coordinates. 

Food Delivery

By being able to accept a broader range of delivery locations with Plus Codes, providers can accept more business from shippers and consumers with higher confidence. Customers can enter their plus codes in the address field which can be used by delivery agents to navigate to customer locations using Google Maps accurately. 


Plus codes can be used to maintain accurate citizen records. Records such as voter registrations, official communication, addressing distress calls by the emergency services, and more. With a Plus Code, people can receive deliveries, access emergency and social services, or just help other people find them. 

Commercial Shipping 

From a logistics point of view, the inaccuracy of a street address is very much a real problem. With the implementation of the operational procedure, senders’ need only include the Google Plus code of the receivers’ address on the letter or parcel they are sending. address on the letter or bundle they are sending. The distribution center has a location, which the driver can explore to, yet where the shipment should be dumped frequently.

Last Considerations

Plus Codes are great for both digital and printed materials because they are easy to share and designed to be memorable. Whether you’re arranging a tour, sending a bundle, or answering a crisis, In addition to Codes work on the most common way of pinpointing any area in the world. Did you have any idea that in many emerging nations, addresses are either non-existent or inadequately characterized? 

Start utilizing them today in Google Guides and experiencing the comfort of exact area sharing. Discover a method of global navigation by joining the millions of people who already use Plus Codes. Keep in mind that Plus Codes are the digital addressing of the future. Have any inquiries regarding Plus Codes? Go ahead and connect with us at KingAsterisk. We should simplify the route and make it more available together!